Ryan Avery should know a thing or two about camera lenses having worked for Filmtools, and Samy’s Camera, as well as being a former Sales Manager at Schneider Optics.

Ryan has now branched out on his own with his company Convergence Products Inc which already handles photo and cinema products distribution.

It’s no surprise that Ryan has broken the box instead of thinking outside of it with the introduction of the very cost effective Veydra Mini Prime lens series.

Veydra Mini Primes Micro 4:3 Prime Lenses

What is Veydra?

Veydra is a premium cinema lens made specifically for filmmakers using Micro 4/3 cameras.

Veydra Mini Prime lenses all feature

Resolution that exceeds 4K
Cinema 0.8 module focus and iris gears
Consistent front 80mm outside diameter & 77mm filter threading
Similar length for quick lens changes
Constant T2.2 aperture for easy lighting set ups
Brass plated mounts for durability

4-lens preorder through Hot Rod Cameras.

5-lens preorder through Hot Rod Cameras.

For more: Veydra.

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