It’s been around for a while but it’s still an impressive piece of kit, the Photobubble…

The Photobubble is the only inflatable, totally air supported, externally lit, 360 degree, customizable, filming environment in the world.


The Photobubble is an innovative new tool for film makers, videographers, efx companies and still photographers which uses a backlit inflatable structure as a giant “soft box” for reflection free photography


Filming inside the Photobubble allows for a 360 degree VIRTUALLY SEAMLESS angle of view and is a unique solution for green screen photography.

The Photobubble Company can make a bubble in almost any size or configuration that will suit your shooting needs. The many advantages of this unique tool are:

Photobubble Features:

Fully coved walls and ceiling with a 360 degree area of view.
Green/Blue screen application.
The Surface of the bubble can be painted (or rear projected upon) for day or night sky effects.
Rigging and lighting can be lowered through holes cut into the structure.
This can all be done at a reasonable cost with a quick set-up and break down
Can transform any raw indoor space into an instantly film friendly, pristine environment.
An economical solution for creating long-term temporary stages.
Saves money in shoot labor and post production.

Claudio Miranda – Photobubble from jay miracle on Vimeo.

Photobubble_Claudio Miranda

Chris Conway – Photobubble from jay miracle on Vimeo.

Photobubble_Chris Conway

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For more information: Photobubble.

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