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Feather Crane Plus Set Up Instructions from Lite Pro Gear on Vimeo.

This video demonstrates how easy it is to set up the most capable travel jib on the market. The Feather Crane Plus weighs only 4.4 pounds, but can handle payload capacities up to 13.5 pounds, and provides a 7 foot reach with a 10 foot boom.

This ultra portable camera jib is a great asset for small footprint production companies, as well as solo videographers. Capable of flying gimbal setups, creative image makers now have unprecedented potential in a camera crane that weighs so little and stows so easily.

Quality craftsmanship such as the 3k carbon fiber and 6061 aluminum component pieces with an anodized finish are the key to the outstanding weight-to-payload ratio, and the reason this video crane can stand up to the challenges of travel and weather. Most importantly though, it’s smooth and steady movement at multiple angles gives a variety of options for great shots!

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Camera Crane Ninjas:
Canyon Florey
Tim Peare
Adrien Oniega

Shot by: Tim Peare, Canyon Florey, Adrien Oniega, and Aj Marino
Edited by: Canyon Florey, Tim Piere, and Conor Barry
Music: "Cut and Run" by Dad's LPs

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