Steven Bailey is offering you the ProRes footage to download from his Panasonic VariCam LT test.

Panasonic Varicam LT Test Footage from Steven Bailey on Vimeo.

I needed to do some pickup shooting for an ad campaign, so I figured I'd try the Varicam out. I only had a couple of days with it. I really, really love this camera, and wish I could have tested it out for a longer period of time. Download the ProRes if you want to see a 1080p render without the internet mush.

All 4K except for the slow motion shots at the end, 120p 2K crop. Sigma 18-35mm.

Music: Sometimes, by Goldmund

My notes:

– Beautiful, effortless image and color. Best I've used so far in this price range.
– Plenty of dynamic range. 14 stops sounds right.
– Very easy to grade. Feels significantly less tricky than Clog 2 or Slog 2.
– Internet compression really, really sucks.

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