At NAB 2014 Taiwanese gear maker Allstar will bring along a new 135mm T1.9 PL Lite lens plus their 18-35mm T.8 PL lite lens.

Allstar 135mm T1.9 Lite Lens:

Allstar 135mm T1.9 PL Lite Lens

Allstar 135mm T1.9 PL Lite

135mm T1.9 Lite Lens

Price: $3800USD
Weight: 1.3KG
Length: 12cm
Front diameter: 95mm / 77mm thread
Close Focus: 2’4″ ft
Aperture: T1.9-T22
Focus turning angle: 115 degrees
Coverage: FF35 36x24mm
Mount type: PL/EF/F

Allstar 18-35mm T.8 PL lite lens:

Allstar 18-35mm T1.8 PL Lite Lens

Please see Allstar for more on their line up of camera gear and lenses.

To try out the Allstar lenses at NAB, please send an email off to allstar.cine [at]


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