Armed with a pre-production Panasonic GH5 camera and a thirst for slow motion, Steven Clarey tasked the Panny powerhouse to perform a 180fps / 1080p test.

I popped to the beach today with Andrew McCabe to test out the 180fps VFR feature on the GH5. The weather was a bit grim but we managed to get a couple of shots.

This was all filmed at 180fps, conformed to 50fps in camera then slowed down 50% on a 25fps timeline in Adobe Premiere.

Profile : Cine D
Shutter Angle : 180d
Lenses: Lumix 12-35, 12mm Leica, Lumix 7-14

In post I added a bit of noise reduction to a couple of shots as I was having to use quite a high ISO because of the lack of light. I also lightly graded the footage in Adobe Premiere.

Similar to the GH4 the variable frame rate modes work much better in good light with good glass.

Filmed on Pre-production GH5.

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