bd pironti rips the top off the ISO 5000 pudding with this candle light test and the Panasonic VariCam LT camera.

VariCam LT 5000iso 4K Candle Light Challenge from bd pironti on Vimeo.

Quick & Dirty Panasonic VariCam LT 5000 iso Native: Candle Test
Used a 2 candle lighting design for this test; the one visible in the foreground and the other which is perched in the upper right out of frame to work as a hair light on Buddha's head. Be sure to check out my VariCam LT web site at

50mm Canon F 1.2 EF lens at f2.0
AVC INTRA 422 4K Codec
23.976p @180deg shutter
V-LOG: Flat (no in camera grading)
Native 5000 iso
EI Gain set to -10
2 old candles of unknown origin
Premiere Pro CC
Graded with Lumetri Color: SL Clean Punch LDR (Universal)

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