Announced at NAB in April 2010 and scheduled for release soon are the DSLR Razor 7D Series Prime Cine Lenses by UniQoptics with reservations now being taken. Prices start at $3250 for individual focal lengths and the Razor 7D Series is available as 18mm, 25mm, 35mm, 50mm, 80mm, and 100mm lenses.

UniQoptics Razor 7D Series Cine Lens

BTS Video using a Canon 7D with 25mm/85mm UniQoptics Glass:

Natasha Bedingfield “Touch” Video – (Official behind the scenes) from Hit and Run on Vimeo.

Razor 7D Series
Setting a new standard for image sharpness and depth for professionals and consumers alike, uniQoptics has applied its 5K digital cinema design heritage to the Canon 7D camera. These new “Razor 7D Series” Primes have been aggressively priced and designed to give razor-sharp image control from corner to corner.

The high speed, digital optical design provides unprecedented uniformity across the sensor and also offers virtually no distortion or breathing. The uniform diameter focus and iris gears, and single window scales will offer a familiar experience for the professional cinematographer. The industry standard form factor of the Razor 7D series will allow compatibility with many professional cinema accessories.

Prices for individual focal lengths start at $3,250.

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For more on the Razor 7D lenses and the Kenji Suematsu Signature Series visit UniQoptics.

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