Band Pro Film & Digital knock out a behind the scenes and an actual lens and camera test on the short “Cafe Sorbonne.”

Check out their results using the Panasonic VariCam LT camera and Angenieux EZ Lens combination.

BTS first, followed by “Cafe Sorbonne.”

VARICAM LT: Behind the Scenes from Band Pro Film & Digital on Vimeo.

Band Pro's Randy Wedick takes us behind the scenes of this VariCam LT camera test using Angenieux Type EZ zoom lenses.

(c) 2017

Cafe Sorbonne – Varicam LT & Angenieux EZ lens test film from Band Pro Film & Digital on Vimeo.

Taking the Varicam LT out for a few days with the Angenieux EZ lenses. Testing it's skintone response, very impressed with it's rendering of secondary colors, and of course, it's dual ISO performance (800 for Day & Studio, 5000 for Night). Most of the night photography is entirely done with streetlights, sometimes enhanced with a Skypanel dimmed way down. Seemed like a killer package for cinematic documentary shooting and also for lightweight location film making. I was super impressed. Please reply with any questions related to the production and we will answer them.

DP – Randy Wedick
Producer – Brett Gillespie
Starring – Melissah Bridge, Soaree Cohen, David Clark

Hair & Makeup – Davee Troublefield
Wardrobe Styling – Melissah Bridge, Soaree Cohen

1st AC – Joel Knoernschild, Jordan Martin
Key Grip – Darrel D'Ltri
Gaffer – Josh Hensley
Final Colorist – Bobby Maruvada
BTS – Chris Schieffelin
PA – Ethan Kaslow, Kyle Smith

Song – "Cafe Sorbonne" Licensed from Killer Tracks

(c) 2017 Band Pro Film & Digital, Inc.

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