Quick run down on the the PAG L96e which is an enhanced version of the L95e broadcast battery, and a direct replacement for the 9310V PAG L95e and 9310R PAG L95eR batteries (for Red One camera)

The new version has an improved continuous output of 8A maximum, it is compatible with multiple viewfinder data systems, providing a percentage display of capacity, and has an improved performance at low-temperatures.

The battery incorporates long-life, premier-quality Li-Ion cells, which have no memory effect, and are completely recyclable.

Its 5 LED run-time and capacity indicator shows remaining run-time on-load in hours and minutes, to a resolution of 10 minutes. Capacity is displayed as a percentage.

The battery is compatible with multiple viewfinder data systems and adapts automatically, when connected, to provide capacity information in the viewfinders of various cameras (Sony, Red One, etc).

The V-Mount PAG L96e can be charged using any reputable V-Mount Li-Ion charger.

The capacities of two V-Mount L96e batteries can be combined (190Wh) for longer run-time and a higher current draw capability (up to 10A) using a PAG Power Plate dual battery mount.

The L96e has been independently tested and certified to comply with United Nations regulations. Its capacity is below 100 watt-hours and it is therefore suitable for air transport on passenger aircraft, in hand-luggage, without quantity restriction.

> 14.8V 6.5Ah 96Wh, Li-Ion

> V-Mount compatible

> 5 LED run-time and capacity indicator

> Automatically provides a percentage display of capacity in the viewfinders of cameras that feature data display systems

> Charges on PAG or Sony V-Mount Li-Ion chargers

Please see PAG for more on the L96e Li-Ion battery.

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