A few whispers in my ear and nothing more than that is what this is right now. Remember the only difference between signing an NDA and receiving a cease and desist is that you get to say I friggin told you so with one of them.

On Monday the 8th of November it is expected that Sony will make a formal announcement about an upcoming camera and talk about the full specs of the camera. It is believed the announcement will be about a rumoured camera that popped up on sites, blogs, and got the shit tweeted out of it earlier this week. See Sony 35mm camera post.
Is there one of these prototype Sony cameras being tested in the US in LA right now? We have been assured that a prototype camera is getting pushed around and is the type of camera that will go after the RED market. That does mean it will compete with RED head to head. Compete is a funny term as some say ARRI Alexa and the Canon 5D MKII competes with the RED One so don’t go getting that white chalk outline guy just yet.
When do we expect to see one of these Sony 35mm cameras? It is said that a select few are being flown over to see the camera in Japan by Sony this month. Which is something that does not normally happen, so Sony could be moving with the times. Inter BEE in Japan is where the Sony camera should make an appearance on the 17th of November for all to see.

Inter BEE has established itself as an international exhibition showcasing top-level domestic and overseas broadcast, video, audio and lighting equipment as well as peripheral applications and solutions all under one roof

Inter BEE runs from Wednesday November 17 to Friday November 19.
Another nibble on the ear says that there is a Sony “Hey Panasonic AG-AF100 camera get out of our playground” coming to Inter Bee or around that time.

Until that all happens it is still just a Unicorn Meat For Sale sign hanging up in the shop front window!

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