Spotted this little baby light on Twitter and had to share it. The Kick Light prototype is like no other light you have seen before. We get a sneak peek from Rift Labs on the Kick Light and it is set to quite possibly herald in a new generation of lights for filmmakers. Revolutionary? Maybe. Game Changer? Maybe. Exciting? Hell Yes!

We are out to forever change how video and photo lights work. Traditional photo and video lights are expensive, heavy, generate a lot of heat, and their main feature is that you can turn them on and off. Not too exciting. Then there is the recent invasion of cheap knockoffs. And the thousands of cheap LED based lights of really poor quality. You either pay through your nose for old technology, or you deal with cheap crap that breaks the first time you use it.

It’s time to rethink.

The video may start off a little meh but then bang and then some. That Kick Light is freakin WOW.

Kick Streaming Light Demo:

Color rendering index or CRI I hear your scream:

The Kick Light is a lightweight, feature rich, affordable photo/video light for smart phones and SLRs. It boasts amazing light effects and creative features: adjustable color temperature, colored light (any color!), animated light, built-in light effects and streaming of light from existing videos for use in your own video production. With the Kick Light and the Kick App you can sample light effects pretty much like you sample music!

Granted, the Kick is a small light. You won’t be able to light a cathedral with it. But the fun starts here.

Kick will help you take better pictures, make better videos and have great fun doing it.


What’s really exciting right now about the Kick Light is that if you have requests, just contact them and put your case forward. So please go to Rift Labs for more on the Kick Light.

We put it out there recently the question: “What product would you like to see get a Kickstarter campaign?” One could only imagine the successful run that the Kick Light would have on Kickstarter.

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