NEBTEK announced their Sling vision transmitter with a twist. The NEBTEK Sling is set to pounce at the end of July.

The NEBTEK Sling is the perfect solution for consumer WHDI transmitter users who have found their way into the professional world.

Nebtek Sling

Stick transmitters are sleek and handy for short range use, but can be easily damaged beyond repair. The Sling provides a wonderful resolution that fits USB stick HDMI transmitters, such as the Paralinx Arrow, the IDX CW-1, and others. The Sling re-utilizes the SDI to HDMI Atomos converter, using SDI input with a looping output.

The Sling has the great advantage of allowing the transmitter to pass SDI flags from some cameras. The Sling also offers a power solution, operating from either 9-30 volts or from an internal Sony-style lithium-ion battery attachment.

The Nebtek Sling offers the long-awaited for solution for all in the Video Assist field that brings a compact, lightweight powered protection for stick transmitters.

Please see NEBTEK for more information about their Sling transmitter.

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