OK for some reason DSLR is included, but anyway Canadian camera gear maker Shape have their DSLR CAGE FOR BLACKMAGIC POCKET up for Pre Order.

DSLR aside, at least Shape know it’s written as Blackmagic and not BlackMagic, or Black Magic or any of the many variations like just about everyone else including a few shameful fuddled platitudinous viscid Bloggers.


Details for the Shape Blackmagic Pocket Camera Cage:

Compatible with Blackmagic Pocket
Lighweight and solid.
CNC aluminum machined pieces.
The SHAPE cage is a perfect protection for the Blackmagic Pocket.
360° push button adjustable top handle – SHΛPE patent.
Perfect configuration for electronic viewfinder (EVF), monitor and other accessories with threaded screw mounts of 1/4-20 , 3/8-16.
Adjustable rod block with 15 mm rods.
Bottom pocket designed by SHΛPE for battery change.
Tripod plate attachment found underneath the base.

Expect to pay around CAD$398. Please see Shape for more on their DSLR CAGE FOR BLACKMAGIC POCKET.

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