Birds Eye Productions have been busy with a bit of MoVI Pro pan motor testing.

MoVI Pro Pan Motor Test from Birds Eye Productions, LLC on Vimeo.

So since there seemed to be a good amount of people looking for a test to see how well the pan motor was holding at higher gimbal weights, I decided to conduct this test.
Camera setup was 13lbs and the total gimbal weight was about 21-22lbs.

Camera was a Red Epic MX with Contax Zeiss 100mm Macro (my heaviest lens). I attached a Switronix battery to the back to add extra weight.

The MoVI Batteries were down at 35-40%. I didn't want to use a full battery just in-case the overall voltage affects the holding power.

I did 4 runs sitting on the side of a pickup truck (safety 3rd). 2 runs were conducted at 40mph (18ms/s) and 2 at 50mph (22m/s).

The result? It didn't even phase the MoVI. Held rock steady the entire time. The 100mm lens at 4K on the epic is equivalent to 174mm and it's completely usable footage. The jerky movements up and down were me, not the gimbal loosing it. I didn't adjust the Majestic setting for tilt for 100mm operator so it was sensitive.

Here is the video for your review.

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