ikan presents a look at the BVS-100 Bon Video Switcher.

3 SDI and 2 HDMI input, which accepts 4 inputs simultaneously
Quad-splitted preview
Lightweight and easy installation
Control by USB Mouse or Numeric Keypad
Audio level monitoring for each input

The BVS-100 HD-SDI/HDMI Video Switcher from BON is a compact switcher offering a four-channel output that is user-selectable from its five video inputs. There are three SDI and two HDMI inputs, each with embedded audio in addition to two analog, L/R balanced XLR audio inputs. The BVS-100 can output the four active channels via HDMI to a quad-split preview display. Program out is available via HDMI and SDI. For background replacement, chroma keying is available in blue and green. In the absence of a signal, the video out will display color bars rather than noise.

The BVS-100 HD-SDI/HDMI Video Switcher has audio leveling available for each channel, and a headphone jack is provided at the rear of the unit. The included USB keypad controls all functions, or you can use a mouse if you prefer (mouse not included).

Processes multiple formats over five inputs with quad-split output
Three HD/SDI and two HDMI video inputs
HDMI and SDI program outputs
Individual channel audio monitoring
Blue and green chroma key functions
Automatic color bars display if signal to monitor is lost
Compact, stay-cool form factor

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