Caught some chatter on CML about a newish 3D shooting technique blah blah blah. So did a little hunting for the secret cameras in use. Turns out to be a system from DOP Sean Fairburn called MIO 3D and looks like 3 or more cameras can be used on a rig. Dark Truths is the movie they have used these new MIO 3D camera rigs on and all 3 of the cameras appear to be Canon DSLR’s. Note how they are on a green screen set yet there is only one single over head light and two cross lights. Dark Truths have a Kickstarter campaign going to finish the movie in post and help with its distribution. Check the Dark Truths trailer out and the BTS and then the tech involved with MIO 3D.

Dark Truths Green Screen Trailer:

Dark Truths the Movie on Fox 40 News:

Dark Truths “The Green Screen”

MIO 3D (Multiple InterOcular 3-D), patent pending, is a new simplified method of shooting, editing, and viewing 3D.

IO 3D offers Solid fixed mounting points for 3 or more cameras in succession. This method solves a few problems.

Multiple screen sizes can be used due to multiple IO’s being shot. Safe range of a shot is now expanded due to multiple IO’s being available in Post. Fixed focal length wide angle deep DOF cameras mounted to solid plate allow one time Alignment in post. Pick up the Rig turn it on roll to record all cameras Mark sync with MultiSlate, shoot 3D Calibration Alignment chart on back of MultiSlate.

Once Shot then aligned and set in You get to choose strong, medium, or weak 3D, it’s Your IO. Fairburn 3D MultiPlate 3×3, 2×3, 1×3, and MultiGrip along with 3D MultiSlate provide versatile 3D mounting solutions for almost any camera. Mount 1, 2, or even 3 cameras to the MultiPlate to shoot MIO 3D. MultiPlates also mount to each other to build endless shooting platforms. Wearable cameras, handi-cams, HDSLR’s, and still photo cameras can now be mounted together for 3D action sports, training, and military use.

By attaching cameras to the Mounting holes you can shoot conventional 2 camera 3D. By using my Shooting method of MIO 3D you can attach more cameras (3 or more) to give you choices later which pair to use and view later. This Simple idea will change how we shoot 3D and make the process simple and easy for people wanting to get into 3D. You get to decide later which set combination works best. Give each camera a Name left to right A cam, B cam, C cam:

AB = 35mm IO

BC = 35mm IO

AC = 70mm IO

MultiPlate 3×3 offers 9 camera mounting positions 3 rows across and 3 rows down. Cameras mount to plate at proper Spacing of 2.75 inches (70mm with 35mm center) Turned 45˚ corner to corner spacing is 4 inches (100 mm with 50mm center)

If you’re gonna do it, shoot it. If you’re gonna shoot it, shoot it in 3D.

Please see more of MIO 3D and go to Dark Truths the movie.

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