The GRID 5.0 allows shooters to transform the RED Pro Touch 5.0 monitor into a large high definition EVF without affecting any of the original functions, such as touch screen function, and normal video monitor use. The GRID 5.0 attaches to the RED Touch 5.0 monitor via a frame and magnetic points.

The body of the viewfinder is manufactured using super tough ABS plastic with a leather finish, making it extremely resistant and aesthetically pleasing.
The loupe eyepiece is made from a special rubber that is malleable, resistant and does not dry out or react with heat and sweat and still has a velvety touch that makes it very comfortable to use.
The lens is very clear and made of glass that is 60mm in diameter, giving the user a perfect view.
GRID 5.0 is an inexpensive way to have a viewfinder and a RED Touch 5.0 display at the same time in the field.

Please see Grid Suportes for more details on the Grid 5.0 EVF.

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