Mikrotron have released the new eosens TS3 handheld high-speed camera. This portable, affordable, battery operated camera puts all the power of a high end, high-speed camera, in the palm of your hand!

“We wanted to develop a high-speed camera that was going to be easy to use, versatile and very portable, unlike many of the other cameras in this field,” explains Juergen Zimmermann, Managing Director of Marketing and Sales of Mikrotron GmbH. “The eosens TS3 combines the power, speed, resolution and light sensitivity of our renowned EoSens MotionBLITZ Cube6 and mini1 High Speed camera line with the portability and ease of use of a handheld ‘point and shoot’ high speed camera. The result is a completely portable and intuitive high-speed camera with the ease of use of a DSLR.”

The eosens TS3 captures 500 frames per second (fps) at 1280 x 1024 pixels resolution and over 20,000 fps at reduced resolutions, making it the perfect high-speed camera for broadcast, research and industrial applications. Featuring a built-in 7’’ high resolution touchscreen LCD, the eosens TS3 allows for instant playback of footage out in the field. Combined with an industry leading 4 hour battery the eosens TS3 is ideally suited for the uncomplicated and flexible use in almost every situation a high-speed camera is needed.

Unlike any other high speed camera on the market today, the eosens TS3 offers unmatched versatility. Not only is it an intuitive point and shoot handheld camera, but it can also be controlled over Gigabit Ethernet via a PC or MAC, or even over the Internet using a standard web browser for long distance control. The eosens TS3 also features both USB ports and SD ports allowing users to easily download images to thumb drives, SD cards, or portable hard drives. Additionally, an optional built-in SSD, (Solid State Drive), provides for up to 256 GB of non-volatile internal storage. This allows for shooting all day long without having to download to a computer.

For more information about the eosens TS3 please visit the web site at eosens. Download the full spec sheet for the eosens TS3 100-S camera HERE.

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