Schneider-Kreuznach have released new Video Xenon lenses specifically designed for large sensor video capable DSLR & cine style cameras. The Schneider Video Xenon produce high luminous intensity and harmonious bokeh, they are designed to get the best out of the video function of large-format DSLR cameras, turning them into a professional tool for photographers who need to film with them. In contrast to MPTV lenses from the Cine Xenar III range, the new Video Xenon lenses are particularly designed for full frame fully featured DSLR cameras. Lens delivery date expected be in late 2013 and each Video Xenon lens should be priced to be around USD$4,000.

Video Xenon Lens Features:

Suitable for use with HDSLR and cine style cameras
Covers full frame sensors
Optically corrected for 4K resolution
Diaphragm has 14 aperture blades for an outstanding Bokeh effect
Rugged, cine style mechanics which use standard follow focus systems and other common cine- and video accessories
Larger focus and distance scales for easier sharpness adjustment
Aperture setting without detent
Adapters for Canon EOS, Nikon F-Mount
M 95 filter thread

The series includes three fixed focal lengths:

Video Xenon T 2.1 / 25
Video Xenon T 2.1 / 50
Video Xenon T 2.1 / 75

Please see Schneider-Kreuznach or Schneider Optics for more information about their new Video Xenon T 2.1 / 25, Video Xenon T 2.1 / 50, Video Xenon T 2.1 / 75 lens range.
Check B&H for their latest prices and extended line up of Schneider lenses.

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