Digital Bolex update: Joe has cracked the 3D printer code and steadily beavered away on a C-Mount Turret and Passive EF lens mount for the upcoming D16 camera. The EF Digital Bolex camera lens mount is a completed version while the C-Mount Turret is at stage one, with work still to be done on it.

Digital Bolex D16 Passive EF Lens Mount

Digital Bolex EF Mount

Digital Bolex D16 EF Mount

Check the first version of the D16 cameras old school c-mount turret:

Digital Bolex C-Mount Turret

Digital Bolex D16 C-Turret

Please drop by Digital Bolex and say hi to the team and check out the latest on the D16 camera. Or if you are interested in the whole 3D printing thing then do the same and say hello to Joe.

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