The Magnifty is a pretty cost effective alternative to an on board EVF monitor or loupe. Most DSLR loupes and EVF’s are just magnifiers that focus on LCD screens anyway with a few extras. So the Magnifty is a nude EVF if you will and fits on 15mm rods and is basically a big ass magnifying glass which gets you about 2 to 4 times closer to the LCD, but allows you to use both eyes to focus.

It’s called the Magnifty and we’re selling it now on our ebay store or at Samy’s Camera in LA and Pasadena. It’s $79.95. Super-durable and is supposed to fit on your rails or varying sizes, but for sure Red Rock. I’ve used mine for over two years and don’t leave home without it. It really does work. I also stack two of them together and get SUPER close at times. Other advantages are that it provides a great stability point and allow you to make and attach a sun shade for bright days. Allows you to use both your eyes to focus as opposed to the monocle concept. There’s a patent pending. What else…? Ah yes, we have a warning which might seem obvious: Don’t shoot into the sun with it. I’ve done it and it can give you a nasty tan and hurt your eyes. It’s a magnifying glass! If you’ve ever burned leaves with one using the sun you get the idea… Mark Nichols Inventor.

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