Ben Mesker the veteran Director of Photography has come up with the classic wood grain Jokerbox a 100% American Made Product. Ben designed Jokerboxes to be a shooters best friend. His goal is to make the word “Jokerbox” as common as Appleboxes on sets all over the world. If Ben has his way then you soon will be asking “Where is that tool? It’s in the Jokerbox of course!

Joker Grip Box

Simple is better

Don’t let the simple design fool you, Ben has been perfecting these boxes by working with them in the field for over five years. After countless changes and tweaks, he has developed Jokerboxes to be a simple design with solutions to many common problems found on sets everywhere. Plus, they are designed to be flexible enough to be multifunctional tools – used in a number of ways, by a number of different professionals.

Joker Set Box

With simplicity comes flexibility, reliability and durability. It’s no mistake that the insert tray in the Grip box is the perfect width for C-47’s, or that the compartments in the Set Box are wide enough for a regular piece of paper folded in half. Taking special care to create the perfect dimensions in every detail of the boxes has made them a multifunctional tool image makers can’t live without.

JokerBox in action

Please visit Jokerbox for more on their great production boxes.

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