Watch as the Anamorphic Shop demonstrates how they mount a Focus Module or a FM lens to their DSLR camera set up.

See four test shots from the FM Lens HERE.

How to mount FM Lens by Anamorphic Shop from Anamorphic Shop on Vimeo.

FM Lens can be adapted to all1 anamorphic and cinema projection anamorphic lenses
Using instructions:
1. Set your anamorphic lens to infinity ∞
2. Place your anamorphic lens inside of FM Lens. Use the little screws to fix it into horizontal position. Note: do not force or over-tight the little screws
2. Attach anamorphic lens to your camera lens, using clamp (supplied in the box)
4. Set FM Lens to about 1 meter by scale
5. ‘ Calibrate’ camera lens – find the best focus by pointing camera lens to the physical object at 1m distance and fix it
6. Operate aperture on the camera lens and focus FM Lens only. If you use wide-angle lens choose Aspheric (Asph) to avoid barrel distortion
7. Focusing distance from approx. 65cm to infinity
8. FM Collar 24 is for holding anamorphic lenses of a smaller diameter then FM inside tube (71mm)
9. Quick calibrate: set camera lens and anamorphic lens to infinity ∞
You can use most popular Anamorphic’ s 1.5x, 1.75x, 2x
• Kowa
• Sankor
• Isco Animex
• Proscar Ishico
• Moller
• Anamorphot
• Schneider Cinelux
• Kreuznach
• Sun Anamorphic
• End other ones, which we haven’ t tested yet
• Works with fixed focus anamorphic lenses too
You can use any camera (taking) lens without compromise:
• Tele, Prime, Zoom, Wide angle if your anamorphic lens not

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