Type in HandJib into any search engine, I’ll wait till you do… I bet your first five search results given were for handjob videos.

What the hell were they huffing to not think about this name properly?!!!


Anyway here is the Kickshark jacket for the Handjo… Sorry HandJib.

Today, KickShark announces its new HandJib, a handheld video camera jib crane that is the only jib in the world that operates in vertical, diagonal, and horizontal modes. Made specifically for today’s newer, smaller video cameras weighing two pounds or less, HandJib is currently on Kickstarter.com, and will be available at retail before Christmas.

HandJib without camera

“HandJib is the result of a two year design and engineering effort to bring a small, easy to carry motion tool to people wanting amazing motion shots using their smaller micro four-thirds or other mirrorless cameras, or their iPhones or GoPros,” says Bo Latham, media manager for KickShark. “HandJib is a radically game-changing, truly revolutionary, must-have product for these millions of active small camera videographers.”

HandJib allows stable, fluid motion up and down like a traditional jib — plus diagonal or horizontal motion shots — without tracks or a dolly or a slider. One simple product to open up the whole world of multi-axis motion video.

HandJib works beautifully with any of these cameras:

Micro Four-Thirds (Panasonic, Olympus, Kodak)
Blackmagic Pocket Cinema or Micro Cinema
Sony Alpha or NX
Fujifilm X
Olympus PEN or OM-D
Samsung NX
Nikon System 1
Panasonic Lumix
GoPro (and competitors)
iPhone (or other smartphones)
Any other camera 2-pounds or less

HandJib cleverly leverages the user biomechanics of small, lightweight video cameras to deliver an all-new style of motion control for videographers. Instead of having one product for vertical motion, another for diagonal motion, and one or more others for horizontal motion shots, HandJib delivers this full spectrum of motion capability. One simple, lightweight product. A whole suite of new motion capabilities for small camera shooters.

Full details about HandJib are available on the product Kickstarter campaign page, here: Kickstarter.

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