Pre-NAB news from Hanse-Inno-tech.

Hanse-Inno-Tech present our Compact Autocollimator. We will be offering two versions for the Compact Collimator, we call them the CC1 and the CC2. T

The version pictured here is the Compact Collimator 2 (CC2).

The Hanse-Inno-Tech Autocollimator is a universal measurement bench designed for testing camera equipment and lenses. It is a very high quality, solid built, precision instrument and easy to use for measuring the optimal back focus. It will work well with all Cine style primes, zooms, and photographic lenses.

The CC2 functions on a newly designed Autocollimation concept. It has high precision, particularly a wide measuring range and ease of adjustment. It also features a new kind of Autocollimator mount which has never been done before. Another new feature are two more axis of precision angular adjustment for a drift-free alignment with minimal cross coupling and an accurate positioning. The CC2 is designed mainly to be used by service and repair shops, TV stations, and rental houses that may need to use it on a daily basis. The CC2 will be retailing for 17900 Euros.

The CC1 version is aimed at the budget conscience production companies as well as the small rental houses. Even the individual cameramen and women who own a lot of their own cameras and sets of lenses, this would easily allow them to be able to maintain, shim and measure their own equipment by themselves. The CC1 will be coming to market early this summer for under 10K Euros.

We tried to package the best of all parts in a new and modular design which is truly one of the lightest, robust, most versatile and accurate Autocollimators on the market! Has a lot of new features and measurement capabilities, such as 5-axis of alignment! The Hanse-Inno-Tech Autocollimator can truly be called compact and literally offers a significant reduction in weight, space (variable, depending on your needs) and all of this at a price point that has never been heard of till date.

The profile we choose was made for optical engineers working on large scale optical and instrumentation setups with a high load capacity. We even use this profile for testing and measuring the Celere HS lenses at our facility. The carrier base is aluminum with 4 webs (nearly 1/2” thick) on a cylindrical design, which increases the longitudinal and torsional rigidity as well as maintaining a lightweight support. With the proper configuration, the H.I.T. Autocollimator can handle payloads of up to 100 Kg. (220 lbs.) and still be called the lightest in the world.

It is the first Autocollimator that smartly incorporates the industry standard Dovetail plate within its design. It also incorporates a new feature: the 360° horizontal pan for the 300mm dovetail plate. This allows for a quick turnaround to check the accuracy of the barrel markings to test charts. This is something that speeds up time for everyone, plus most working professionals / rental houses usually have all the accessories they already need. Now, within seconds, one can detach the mounting measurement block and dock your camera with its own bridge plate adapter with ease. This will speed things up especially for rental houses.

By not using the beam and double bar system, our customers are now able to also evaluate lenses for Chromatic Aberrations, similar to that of a lens projector!
Since our Autocollimator is a modular design, one can order it in a variety of lengths. The profile can be ordered in any standard length from 1 meter, 1.5 meters, 2 meters and 2.5 meters. We can also make custom requests for any sizes ranging between 1 and 6 meters.
It has lens support for Ø19 mm rods and Ø15 mm rods.
An optional extra carrier slider is also available as a base support for heavier zooms lenses as well as accessories.
We will be offering many mounts and the measurement tools to go with them, such as PL-mount, Canon EF-mount, Sony E-mount. Additional mounts can also be purchased: Panavision, Nikon F, Leica R, Canon FD, Micro 4/3, BNC-R, C-mount, Leica M and B4 mount.

All stages and stoppers on the CC2 version come with built in high strength magnets on the ends to reduce the chance of accidentally impacting or colliding which gives everything a smooth end stop transition.

There are many more features and accessories, many more releases will be made! It will all be going online soon, on the Hanse-Inno-Tech website:

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