The team at Store ABT had the opportunity to test out some Hanse Inno Tech Celere HS 36mm uncoated prototype lenses.

Hanse Inno Tech sent us one of the four different Celere HS 36mm uncoated prototypes. After Cinec2016, they announced that Type B – which was used to shoot this Clip – will go into production. This was a run-and-gun shoot with the purpose to test the contre-jour performance and lens flares. Everything was shot at T1.5 (except for the underwater sequence).

Camera: RED Scarlet-Dragon 5k / LowLight OLPF / ISO 800-2000
Lens: Hanse Inno Tech Celere 36mm HS uncoated “B”
Filters: Schneider-Kreuznach ND (.9/1.2/1.5)
Color: RedGamma4 / RedDragonColor2
CC: White Balance / Tint (no color grading)

There is a full write on their tests over at Store ABT.

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