Celere full frame HS prime lenses from German company Hanse Inno Tech in action against big name lens manufacturers such as ARRI, Zeiss, Cooke, and Leica

Celere Prime 25mm

The Hanse Inno Tech 36mm lens is the first of a range of Celere prime lenses specially designed and built for digital cinematography. It has a speed of T1.5 and is for PL mount. We also get to see the 25mm T1.5 Celere HS lens in action too. There is also an 85mm T1.5 Celere HS lens floating around as well.

Celere HS 36mm 25mm

04 Celere HS 36 from Hanse-Inno-Tech on Vimeo.

08 Celere HS 25

08 Celere HS 25 from Hanse-Inno-Tech on Vimeo.

We wanted to test the Celere lenses alongside other well known brands. Lenses that are for the most part well established within the filmmaking community and lenses that most professional cinematographers have worked with, so as to have a good reference.
This brings us to the technical details:
Shot on the Arri Alexa XT in 3.2k ProRes 4444 (because of file sizes, we exported from Final Cut in 422)
In the settings of Final Cut, we chose the Log Processing – Arri Log C
No grading has been done
Lenses tested were:
Celere 36mm HS
Leica Summicron C 35mm
Zeiss Ultra Prime 32mm
Arri-Zeiss HS 35mm
Celere 25mm HS
Zeiss CP.2 24mm
Zeiss Ultra Prime 24mm
Cooke S4 25mm
As you can see, we will be very busy uploading tons of video footage. Please tell us what you think of the Celere lenses. You can also find new infos about Celere lenses on our Facebook site.
As the saying goes, the proof is in the pudding! Have fun, enjoy!

Celere HS on camera

Celere HS Lens


Celere HS

Here are the other lenses tested: ARRI, Zeiss, and Leica.

01 Arri HS 35 from Hanse-Inno-Tech on Vimeo.

02 Zeiss UP 32 from Hanse-Inno-Tech on Vimeo.

03 Leica Sum 35 from Hanse-Inno-Tech on Vimeo.

05 Zeiss CP.2 25 from Hanse-Inno-Tech on Vimeo.

07 Cooke S4 25 from Hanse-Inno-Tech on Vimeo.

06 Zeiss UP 24 from Hanse-Inno-Tech on Vimeo.

The Celere HS lenses in action:

Celere HS lenses prime lenses 25mm T1.5, 36mm T1.5 and 85mm T1.5 were used on the Falco Trio – Someone to lean on music video.

Their website appears to be down, but head over to the Facebook page of Hanse Inno Tech to keep up to date with the Celere full frame lenses.

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