Halloween “The Night HE Came Home!” He sure did and thanks to DoP Dean Cundey A.S.C. back in 1978 and his willingness to use a relatively new invention called the Panaglide, cinema audiences worldwide were scared out of their seats and minds.

Halloween Panaglide Test 1978

Halloween was only the fourth movie to have used the Steadicam or Panaglide, and Dean Cundey used it to perfection as the POV of killer Michael Myers or “The Shape” as he was called back in that movie.


Halloween Panaglide Tests Circa 1978:

What’s also cool about this newly surfaced test video is that you get to see the inside of the 1978 hallways and labs at Panavision.

Check out the first tests with the Panaglide before principle photography took place.

Video courtesy of Billy Kirkus:

This is the first ever Panaglide test by Dean Cundey and Ray Stella back in 1978; right before Halloween’s principal photography began. Filmed outside and inside the Panavision studio. Halloween was the 4th movie to use this system. Want to see more of the Lost Halloween Footage? Contact Trancas International Films and let them know you want to see the “Unseen Halloween.”

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