On show at IBC 2011 will be the first delivery version of the Meduza MK I 4k camera which acquires images at 3072 x 4096 pixels. Interaxial, convergence, iris and focus are controlled via a laptop or tablet.

Chris Cary, chief executive of 3D Visual Enterprises, parent company of the Meduza 3D lens and 3D camera developer, says there are 170 “active communications” with interested parties, and now that the MK I version of the camera is ready to be shipped, Meduza is working towards fulfilling orders.

For costing purposes, the camera is split into three parts, with the back and head unit priced at $43,000 (£26,000), rising to $70,000 (£42,000) depending on the options selected. The body, containing the electronics, will cost $27,000 (£16,000) a year for a minimum period of four years. We reported the Meduza back in April and it has been described as the 4K+ Sensor Agnostic Camera.

The Meduza body does not contain any sensors. Digital sensors double in capability every 18 months. It typically takes a manufacturer 18 months to 3 years to bring a new camera to market, thus it is obsolete the first day it is delivered. The part of the Meduza camera carrying the sensor is an add-on module and can accept and work with sensors made by any manufacturer and can be swapped in seconds. The latest sensor technology will be available in perpetuity

Meduza is offering software upgrades and annual services with the aim of providing a system that will “never be obsolete”. At IBC, it will also launch the Delta 4K S3D lens, designed by Kenji Suematsu and described as the first built for purpose, matched-pair 3D lenses.

See Meduza for more information.

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