Great video from Lutes Digital Media showing a Gyron gimbal bolted on the from of a camera truck.

Gyron camera gimbal truck

Camera Truck And Drone Testing from Lutes Digital Media on Vimeo.

Testing out the drone and Gyron camera gimbal, which was mounted on the front of the camera truck for plate shots.

The Gyron 935 Features:
• 5-Axis Gyro-Stabilization: Eliminates Pan, Tilt And Roll Jitter To The Camera.
• Maintains Internally Stabilized Pointing Direction Independent Of Vehicle Maneuvers
• Fully And Easily Steerable In All Three Axes: Pan, Tilt And Roll
• The ONLY Gimbal With Stabilized Steerable Roll Control
• Remote Controlled Motorized 2x Extender On Lens
• Gimbal System Electronics Are Placed In The Cockpit, Or Luggage Compartment.
• User Friendly Control Desk Ergonomically Designed For Ease Of Operation
• System Uses State-Of-The-Art Sensing Technology

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