On the 23rd of March expect that the new Sony NXCAM Super 35mm Cine Compact camera with removable lens will officially be called the FS100? You can also bet money that regional editions of the Sony NXCAM will be sold as the FS100E, FS100P, FS100U etc but will come to be universally called the Sony FS100 NXCAM camera. NB theses are tips we received and sources have a great track record so far.
Prices bandied about for the Sony FS100 NXCAM S35mm camera have been $7,000 and $6,000 but we have had a few whispers that it could well be lower than $6k.
Keep watching for the March 23 NXCAM showing when all is revealed.

Sony FS100 NXCAM S35mm E Mount

FS100 features a single 23.6mm x 13.3mm F11 ISO800 Exmor Super35 CMOS sensor which is the same as the the PMW-F3 camera Sensor.
Interchangeable lenses attach to the camera via E-mount. Third party manufacturer lens mounts will be available for other type of camera lenses.
Records AVCHD Full HD.
The S35mm NXCAM sports a 3.5″ flip-out monitor sits on the top of the camera which makes the modular design look like a Hasselblad camera.
Expect plenty of 1/4-20 and 3/8-16 screw mounts on the cameras body.
There will be a mic extension removable top handle and right side hand grip also removable.

Keep an eye out for Sony announcements on the Sony FS100 NXCAM.

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