Gremsy Technology give quick tour on the new stuff that is coming on the gStabiAssistant Version 3.2.0 smartphone controller.

gStabiAssistant- Version 3.2.0- What's New from Gremsy Technology on Vimeo.

In this version we add some new features:
– Help center with some help to use the system better, will be updated more.
– We listen to customer, enable Pan rotation limit to limit the pan rotation in some cases.
– Roll Offset: if the roll is not level, you can use this to adjust it or calib gyros also can solve the issue.
– Push Notification: will help us to send information to user in an effective way.
Some improvements in profile management and especially the Joystick Sim and SYNC Sim features.
These two new features are only available in firmware 4.1.0 and later.
We released a beta version for you to try this, check it out at Gremsy github:

All feedbacks are welcome!

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