A brief overview of the Gremsy gStabi H7 3-axis gimbal.

GREMSY H7 Overview from Gremsy Technology on Vimeo.

Gremsy proudly introduces H7, the lightest and most powerful 3-axis gimbal in its class for both handheld and aerial applications. Gremsy H7 produces amazingly smooth footage on a new level of stability in even the most demanding situations. Being designed as light as possible, however it could support a wide range of professional cameras and accessories up to 7 lbs.

* More product detail: https://www.gremsy.com/gremsy-h7
* GREMSY H7 Handheld: https://www.gremsy.com/product/gremsy-h7
* GREMSY H7 EcoFly: https://www.gremsy.com/product/gremsy-h7-ecofly

For more details: https://www.gremsy.com/
Contact with us: contact@gremsy.com

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