Alpine Labs have the Radian 2 time-lapse system out for a play and they give a little insight into how to set the unit up for timelapsing.

Radian is a device that allows you to take stunning motion time lapses with your DSLR or Mirrorless camera. Born out of our own frustrations for other devices out there, Radian is compact, easy to use, and powerful.

Radian has all the advanced features you need, while still keeping things simple so that you can focus on the shot, and actually enjoy what you are capturing.

Radian 2 is wirelessly programmed by your smart phone or tablet, and controls your camera’s shutter and advanced settings through its USB port.


ISO, Shutter Speed, and Aperture control – wirelessly from your phone.
Get image thumbnails from your timelapse on your phone – wirelessly
Move-Shoot-Move for Time Lapse, Continuous Motion for Video
100+ hours per charge, USB-rechargeable Battery
Max Panning Load: 15 lbs Max Tilt Load: 4+ lbs (5D Mark iii)
Angular Resolution: 20,000+ Positions per 360° (0.017° Per Photo)

Radian 2 Tutorial 1 from Alpine Labs on Vimeo.

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