Late last year we told you about a Danish Father and Son team that were involved in making the Logmar S-8 Super-8 camera.

Well happy days as they have polished it up and are ready for you to have one too.

After setting out to build a better Ikonoskop camera Father Tommy 63 and 30 year old Son Lasse soon realised Super 8 was the path to take. The pair have even incorporated Mars Rover technology into their Logmar Super 8 camera.

Logmar S-8

Logmar Camera & Kodak Vision 3 50D

Logmar Super-8 Camera
Logmar S-8 Super 8 Camera
Logmar S-8 Camera

Logmar Super-8 Camera Main features:

Digital viewfinder
Variable speed
Audio recording on SD
Filming history on SD
Simple operation
Direct film path
USB upgradeable
WIFI remote controllable
Video out
Advanced trigger options
Customizable Feature button
NFC Ready
Light meter Ready
Aluminum body
2 years warrenty
True phantom power

Build in high quality audio:

The camera has a build-in stereo codec capable of recording audio onto a removable SD-CARD with 48 KHz sampling rate and 16-bit resolution stereo quality.

The camera has the following audio interfaces:

3.5mm jack Line-In stereo input
3.5mm jack stereo headphone output
3.5mm jack mono microphone input
1/4” jack mono microphone input
XLR mono input with true +48V phantom power support
The XLR +48V phantom powered microphone input makes it possible to use studio grade microphones together with our camera and the 3,5mm Line-In port allows external mixers to be connected as well.

The headphone output provides monitor audio at all times of any of the selected inputs and the user can control the monitor volume via a potentiometer on the side of the camera.

Please see Logmar for your very own S-8 Super-8 camera.

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