Over at filmkorn.org they have a nice little story about a Danish Father and Son team that have made a Logmar Super 8 camera. After fours perfecting the camera, the guys hope to have it going out the door to other filmmakers and buyers by around April 2014.

super8 camera

Father Tommy 63 and 30 year old Son Lasse set out to build a better ikonoskop camera but soon realised Super 8 was the path to take. The pair have even incorporated Mars Rover technology into their Logmar Super 8 camera.

Logmar Logo

Initially, Lasse wanted to create a 16mm camera because “16 simply is more than 8″. But the two men had a hunch that 8mm would be a better choice. Super 16 is dying out faster than Super 8. There are more Super 8 cameras, more Super 8 filmmakers, more projectors, and it’s more affordable.

Logmar Super 8 Camera

On the back side of the camera here’s what you get:

3.5mm Jack stereo line input
3.5mm Jack monitor audio for headphones
3.5mm Jack mono microphone input
Neutrik XLR + 3pin Jack for true 48V Phantom powered microphone (mono)
USB for firmware upgrade, parameter settings, audio retrieval etc.
7.4V Lithium Ion battery which will last several films worth of shooting on a single charge. (there are many different batteries in different sizes available)

For preordering customers the introductory price should be between 2,000 and 2,500 Euro, or around US$2,700-$3,400.

For a full write up and a ton of pictures please see the filmkorn.org post HERE.

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