Without Google Reader this Cinescopophilia Blog would not have been. It sure would not have had as many posts that have splashed up on the pages. Quite frankly without Google Reader we would have struggled to make this Blog work.

Google Reader

A few years ago after joining Twitter as @VisionWrangler it got increasingly frustrating having exclusive gear finds that were Tweeted by me, stolen and not acknowledged by self proclaimed workshop gurus.
In the end not really a big deal in itself but it was the catalyst for change, a way to control information better.

So Cinescopophilia the Blog and @Cinescopophilia on Twitter was born. It has grown to be a place for gear finds to be found in a more relatively permanent position on the net. And it works.

Now I don’t normally blur Vision Wrangler and Cinescopophilia, but with the demise of Google Reader we will make an exception.

Goodbye Google Reader you magnificent bastard!
You acutely simple beautiful bare bones, no nonsense RSS feed reader. While I will not shed a tear on your departure, I have become increasingly more anxious over which RSS feed reader will eventually become your suitable replacement.

It has been Google Reader that allowed us to wander into RECON at anytime and look at RED JJ’s latest offerings. What’s that it’s been deleted… Not on Google Reader, not on my feed. Always entertaining, always there!!

It was Google Reader that allowed us to record data feeds revealing who was gutless and stalking / trolling the @VisionWrangler Twitter account. The Legal Eagles were very happy to have that data.

So far nothing I have tried has come close to the ease, simplicity and swiftness Google Reader has displayed. Don’t forget cross platform delivery made looking up an item a breeze anywhere anytime.

A lot will flock to Feedly, but it isn’t where I need it to be just yet. Digg have made changes to accommodate migrating Google Reader feeds, but again it is not there yet for me. So too Flipboard

It really is a case of hurry up and wait for a suitable Google Reader replacement.

So what will Cinescopophilia be like post Google Reader? Well perhaps it will become Cinescopophilia 2.0, as we eventually find a replacement to getting our news feeds as headlines and in easy bite sized pieces similar to how we have done it with Google Reader.

What ever it is Vision Wrangler and Cinescopophilia are moving on, getting the Google Reader tattoo covered up with some other ink, and we are now on the hunt for a new darling to provide us, and you with timely gear news finds.

If you need or want to grab your Google Reader RSS feed data so you can set up with another service then please hit up Google Reader Takeout.

If you have a great replacement for Google Reader let us know.

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