The AATON Delta Penelope camera with 14 stop dynamic range and Super35 Dalsa CCD sensor is all hot and ready for NAB action. The Delta Penelope now sports 800 and 100 ISO sensitivities (patent pending) eliminating the need for special anti-IR neutral density filters. The AATON Delta Penelope works with 90% pixel-fill allowing for 7K pixel sampling and wide angle lenses with short exit-pupil distance to be utilized.  Did we mention the Multi-Slot shutter with a 100 ISO setting.

• the only optical viewfinder digital camera with internal full rez recorder
• simultaneous recording of uncompressed RAW and edit-ready proxies
• noiseless air cooling in both record and pause ( <19dB ) • lightweight: 7.5 kilos with internal recorder and batteries • ‘cat on the shoulder’ profile, plus wide flat base for tripod • unlimited number of cascadable preset 3D LUTs • wide dynamic range Super35 Dalsa® sensor, 800 and 100 ISO shutter • RAW CinemaDNG, the totally open Adobe archival format.

1 Main selector simplifies
menu navigation and gives
direct access to operating
functions on both operator
and assistant sides.

2 Uncompressed RAW*
internal recorder on
slide-in DeltaPack SSDs.
No bulky external recorder.
* RAW Cinema-DNG
facilitates post workflow by
transmitting the sensor XYZ color
space. License-free, it is the only
long term archiving alternative to
the many proprietary
RAW formats.

3 Designed for earthlings,
Delta respects Aaton‘s
first commandment :
Cat on the Shoulder.

4 Sync input for Stereo-3D.
HD422 (1.5 GHz)
and HD444 (3 GHz) out.

5 Onboard 14V Li-Ion batteries.
Two to five hours‘ autonomy;
power dovetailing during
changes. Lemo6 and Lemo8
for accessories.

6 Large assistant side screen
displays recorded images and operating
parameters such as LUTs,
timecode, ISO, Kelvin,
battery voltage, fps, etc.

7 Bright optical viewfinder with
large peripheral coverage.
Rotating mirror shutter; no rolling
shutter artifacts.

8 14 stop dynamic range.
800 and 100 ISO shutter
eliminates the IR problems of
neutral density filters.
Dalsa sensor’s 90% pixel-fill
allows for 7K pixel sampling.

See AATON for more information on the Delta Penelope camera.

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