It may be April 1 but the Genustech announcement is no joke. Genustech announced that they have dropped all their camera gear and accessories by 25% from today. For example the highly coveted GWMC matte box from Genustech is now only $305.

Genustech GWMC Matte Box

The Genustech Wide Matte Box is considered to be the leading compact matte box on the market. The Genustech GWMC matte box features 2 filter stages, a 4 x 4″ fixed filter tray and a 4 x 4″ rotatable filter tray. It can either be used as a clip on matte box or with 15mm LWS rod support.

Genustech have had their ongoing 50% off showroom special and 25% off pretty well across the board is welcome news. Now some small items were already priced low such as adaptor rings, so they will not get the 25% cut this time, but we are told to keep an eye out for the new prices arriving online and in stores from today.

Please visit the Genustech online store to see how much you can save.

Genustech has been a proud sponsor of Cinescopophilia from the beginning, and Cinescopophilia is an affiliate of Genustech.

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