Genustech say they are back in the game, and the first of many new products is the Genus GoPro 5 cage running out the door for just $49.


What’s in the box?

GoPro Hero 5 Black Cage Body
Back Plate
GoPro Mount Adaptor
Hot Shoe Mount
52mm Lens Cap
Spare 1/4” Screw
Small Carry Pouch
Optional Filter

Genustech ND0.9 (ND8) 52mm 3 stop Neutral Density Filter
Eclipse ND Fader 52mm Filter
Eclipse ND Fader 77mm Filter + 77mm Filter Step Up Ring Set
Eclipse ND Fader 82mm Filter + 82mm Filter Step Up Ring Set
SOLAR ECLIPSE 77mm ( Variable ND Filter with Polariser)
SOLAR ECLIPSE 82mm (Variable ND Filter with Polariser)

This product launch comes off the back of consolidation of the Genus product range, and should see more activity from Genus in the future.

GoPro cameras created the possibilities of shooting anything and anywhere. Now, with the Genus GoPro Hero 5 cage, your camera can get closer to the action than ever before. Mounting a GoPro Hero 5 camera has never been easier. The need to handle tough situations has driven us to release the latest Genus product providing a lightweight yet sturdy GoPro camera housing.


The GoPro Mount adaptor allows different mounting positions.

Lightweight design (99g / 3.5oz without camera) (215g / 7.5oz with camera)
1/4-20 : 9 threaded holes
52mm Filter Thread built into the cage, allowing for protective and effects filters, and lens adaptors
Screw-free design on back plate
Precision CNC Aluminum housing for 360 degree protection, featuring back plate with rear mounting option
Accessibility Window to allow for HDMI output and USB external Power
Mounting position for the cage allows the camera lens to be centered optically with a tripod or other camera mount

Grab a Genustech Genus GoPro 5 cage HERE.

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