Remember that sneak peek we had of the Fuze Ti we had a little while back? Well that steel slate is now a full blown Kickstarter campaign for Y’all.

Fuze Ti Steel Slate

Timecode slates have been a valuable time saving tool used for decades in the film industry.

There are very few timecode slates out on the market so we figured it’s time to shake things up.

We are offering a new timecode slate option at half the price of those currently on the market and is just as accurate and robust. The introductory Kickstarter price for a slate is $550USD.

Fuze Ti Features:

– Timecode generator supports frame rates of: 23.976, 24, 25, 29.97, 29.97DF, 30, and 30DF
– Drift between devices is less than one frame (~35ms) every 24 hours
– Sync from other timecode devices (Runs on internal clock after jamming)
– Jam or run off of an external timecode generator
– Easy to set start time and user data
– Standard 5-pin Lemo timecode input/output
– 1/4″ TRS timecode input/output
– Adjustable display brightness
– 16 hour run time with display continuously lit on maximum with 4 AA batteries (Batteries not included), or run indefinitely off of an external power source 5-16V.
– Solid wood clapper sticks makes a clear and sharp snap.
– Solid and sturdy construction. The front panel is made of steel and powder-coated with white dry-erase marker surface. The back side is black injection-molded ABS plastic and houses the electronics.

– Dimensions – 8.7″W x 7.4″H x 1.6″D (8.7″W x 8.7″H x 1.7″D)
Final height may be cut down to 8 inches
– Weight – 2.5lbs with 4xAA batteries

Fuze Ti: Steel Slate comparison test

Hit up Fuze Ti for more information and please see their Kickstarter campaign.

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