Schneider Optics have uploaded a series of camera tests using their filters to achieve the best look possible.

CANON C300 W/ HOLLYWOOD BLACK MAGIC (DIFFUSION) from Schneider Optics on Vimeo.

Schneider Optics MPTV Hollywood Black Magic filter test on the Canon C300
The Canon C300 has a Super 35mm CMOS Sensor

Combining the best attributes of the Schneider HD Classic Soft and Black Frost, these stunning filters remove unsightly blemishes and wrinkles while providing an airbrushed texture to the image. Available in five strengths from 1/8 to 2, a wide range of diffusion can be selected: from slightly taking off a video edge to removing years off a person's age. Pleasant softening of bright highlights helps control the exposure while maintaining rich blacks and colors. Available in standard video and cinematography sizes, these filters are also available in screw on sizes for professional DSLR photography.
This filter is available in strengths of 1/8, 1/4, 1/2, 1, and 2. These strengths achieve a subtle to a heavy effect.

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