Coming on the 15th of November is the newest light from Hive Lighting via the crowdfunding platform, Kickstarter. The Hive Wasp 100-C represents the next generation of lighting for all levels of production—from professional gaffers on Hollywood feature films to aspiring indie filmmakers, from video bloggers to fashion photographers. The Wasp 100-C brings quality and control from the highest levels of professional lighting to everyone.


What makes our Wasp 100-C stand out from the crowd? We’ve combined brilliant and energy-efficient LED lights with intuitive controls. The result, a totally unique fixture, its quality of light, its infinite accessories and its smart controls will forever change the way you experience lighting.

There is more to lighting than just illumination. We’ve designed our Wasp 100-C with a Perfect S.H.O.T. personal lighting system. It is a simple product built around you, made for real production scenarios. Our Wasp 100-C turns your everyday lighting into an extraordinary on-set experience.

Wasp 100-C Features:

Play with color. Full hue and saturation controls give you the ultimate ability to create can immersive lighting experience with infinite color combinations.

Leverage white light controls. Thanks to our white light controls, you can easily adjust from warm candle light to cool daylight to support productions in any location or at any time of day.
Accessorize. Our light has a 180 degree spread and provides you the accessories to shape light any way you want. Use light modifying accessories to customize your lighting for different on screen talent, subjects and locations. Create a theatrical spot light or a soft beauty light, a lantern light or a powerful flood—the only limit is your imagination.
Be in control. Control the saturation, hue and color of the light through professional DMX boards, a simple interface on the light itself or via your smartphone app. It’s that easy!

Not only is our Wasp 100-C is an environmentally-friendly lighting product, but it is also a practical and affordable solution offering the highest color quality and highest output LED for all levels of production. Designed and manufactured in Los Angeles by Hive Lighting, the engineering and prototyping on the Wasp 100-C is already complete.

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