We covered the MyMyk SmartMyk microphone system just after they launched it HERE.

MyMyk have since added the MyMyk SmartLynk which is a two-channel audio mixer, an audio input monitor, also works to block unwanted Automatic Gain Control (AGC) and more.

MyMyk SmartMyk and SmartLynk

The MyMyk SmartMyk is a directional microphone which records HD audio. It is complemented by SmartLynk and the MyMyk Camera Audio iPhone App which presents a compact HD audio workstation.

Video via David Green MyMyk Creator and Founder:

The MyMyk SmartLynk is a compact, portable/on-camera, two-channel mixer and monitoring device, giving you the results of a professional audio production rig at a fraction of the price.

MyMyk SmartLynk

The perfect companion to the SmartMyk microphone and the MyMyk Camera Audio iPhone app, SmartLynk allows you to monitor your sound input prior to and during recording; block unwanted AGC noise from the camera by overriding the camera’s built-in Automatic Gain Control (AGC); or record external audio without needing to be attached to your DSLR or video camera.

What’s more, it has two microphone inputs so you can capture multiple audio channels at once.

Want more information about the MyMyk SmartMyk, SmartLynk, or the Camera Audio iPhone app then please see MyMyk. Also note MyMyk is also spelled My Myk on some websites.

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