The MyMyk SmartMyk DSLR hypercardioid shotgun principle line and gradient microphone was created by a consortium of industry professionals from the sound, film, and broadcast industries.

The SmartMyk has been designed to exacting standards, with an attention to detail that is second to none. The result is stunning HD audio that you never before thought possible. Perfectly complementing the HD video of your production.

Features of the MyMyk SmartMyk DSLR microphone are its low profile which is designed to complement any DSLR or video camera supporting a flash shoe adaptor. HD audio/broadcast recording quality. Highly directional condenser microphone capsule. HD audio internal amplifier to suit all audio inputs.

A super handy feature and a must with DSLR cameras with auto gain, the SmartMyk microphone has gain boost +15dB; Standard level 0dB; and Gain reduction -15dB Internal, with an integrated shock mount minimizing mechanical vibration. The microphone unit is weather resistant to extreme climatic temperatures. The mic can run over 200 hours of continuous use on one 3V 2032 button cell battery. there is an LED power status indicator and the SmartMyk has a frequency response 60Hz to 20Khz.

SmartMyk is a directional microphone which works by localizing the sound to the image, rejecting background noise to concentrate on the sound from the subject of the camera’s focus. It easily attaches to any DSLR / video camera, making it perfect for professional recording, home videos, internet broadcasting, sporting events and much more.

The SmartMyk delivers HD (Highly Defined) quality audio at its very best; transparent, clear recorded sound which is an authentic replication of the original source. The result is stunning sound that you never before thought possible, perfectly complementing the HD video of your production.

The red shock mount built into the SmartMyk is made of TPE soft synthetic rubber, ensuring any noise created through camera handling vibrations are reduced to a minimum. The TPE material is also extremely resistant to cold temperatures which prevent it from freezing and therefore losing its flexible shock mount properties.

The SmartMyk weighs an incredible 60g, making it one of the lightest condenser microphones of its type on the market today. The body, tube and housing of the microphone are made of polycarbonate ABS material which is extremely lightweight, while at the same time remaining strong and robust.

Please see MyMyk for more information on the SmartMyk DSLR Microphone.

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