Back when NAB 2011 was on Canon dropped two flashy 4k 35mm Zoom PL mount lenses, and we covered it here. With the pending Canon November 3rd announcement at Paramount Studios that glass just may make the puzzle a lot easier to solve. Also with @AndyShipsides saying “Nov 3rd is the big day. It will work with a Mattebox and Follow Focus” on Twitter you would hope the Abelcine guys are on to something.
Here we have a video showing off the Canon 4k Zoom PL lenses from Mitch Gross and our good friends at Abelcine. Sit back relax put your hand down your pants and take in some 4K PL glassyness.

For a while now, it’s felt as though the market for new 35mm PL lenses was relatively slow, as we’ve been using the same lenses for years. With the numerous 35mm PL mount cameras now available for the cinematographer to choose from, we’re happy to see that the lens manufactures have responded with new, exciting lens options. We are fortunate enough to have the new Canon FK14.5-60mm T2.6 wide angle cine-zoom lenses on display at our booth this year, and the response has been great thus far. Canon has also announced a companion lens, the FK30-300mm T2.9-3.7

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