Cinescopophilia is proud to introduce Sister site Crew Wrangler a listing directory website for Talent, Filmmakers, Camera Crew, Production and Hire Companies.

Crew Wrangler is a place for you and your work to be showcased, and Crew Wrangler is a one stop shop for you to find your next crew.

It seems like a natural fit, a natural progression to take on a startup camera crew, broadcast crew, production crew, post-production crew, hire companies etc directory listing for someone who made Cinescopophilia successful from scratch.

Crew Wrangler Blog Post

Move crew directory listings from slow ancient dial up to lightning fast high speed internet quality, was my brief. Include video and pictures was mandatory, and make the search for camera crew, production companies, effortless.

To match crew you are looking for, well it couldn’t me more simpler, on Crew Wrangler.

We want you guys to spend less time looking, and more time crewing.

We work in a visual medium, and convey our talent, our skills, our passion, our craft online, so why not have a good looking fully functioned, fully featured website where you can find and hire the right film, television & broadcast production crew. That is why Crew Wrangler was born. Crew Wrangler exists to showcase you. Crew Wrangler exists so people can find you and compare your work against the other talented folks out there.


Crew Wrangler Listing

Crew Wrangler is offering fantastic packages to help get your name out there to companies and production personal that want to hire you.

Simply log in to Crew Wrangler with your social medium account of choice and then elect from one of three pages that will best suit your profile. The Slate Package is for getting your name out there, The Red Carpet Package allows for more profile listings and for video and picture uploads so you can showcase your talent. The Headliner Package is like the Red Carpet Package, but lets you add your hours of business and even more listings. We will have a booking service coming to add to the Headliner Package very shortly.

In fact we are working on adding more features to the Crew Wrangler website very, very soon.


Crew Wrangler Map

The Blog on Crew Wrangler has some Cinescopophilia posts in it, that we used when testing the site, but going forward we feel that the Blog should be a spotlight on our users. We want to featured you! Have interviews with you, and look in depth at your work.

So while the website might be starting out, we are not… We are calling on our 20+ years of professional broadcast television work and our years of experience running the Cinescopophilia camera gear website to make sure Crew Wrangler is positioned at number one.

From the bottom of our hearts we thank each and every one of you wonderful talented people for becoming Crew Wrangler members.


Connect with Crew Wrangler on Facebook and Twitter, and of course at the new website: Crew Wrangler.

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