The tool allows you to sort through and share your film set dailies. Made by and for DIT’S and Editor’s, been built from the ground up as an industrial strength, supercharged hub for filmmakers. Do what you love with these groundbreaking features. Features:

– Non transcode upload. If the transcoded files match our web playable specification we don’t re-transcode them. This retains the quality of the uploaded files.
– A robust uploader. If we lose the connection we can resume the upload.
– The ability to sort and sift by metadata. For example you can view all the uploaded clips by scene, sorted by take and filtered by camera – perfect for production.
– The ability to automatically extract Metadata from ALE files and assign it to clips – we all hate typing (XML and wav files coming soon).
– An interface that elegantly handles the large amount of files we produce daily.
– The ability to copy and move uploaded footage between projects, so we don’t have to re-upload footage for different viewing groups.
– Precise security permissions around who can view or download the footage.

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