From Mark Roberts Motion Control…

The MrMoco team found themselves for a second time shooting at Espanyol Stadium in Barcelona – this time for Sky’s latest Premier League advertising campaign. Produced by Outsider and directed by Scott Lyon, the commercial features Thierry Henry going back in time to prove that the Premier League really is the best league in the world!

An extremely technical shoot that involved precisely timed moves, parts of the original footage was tracked and given to the Moco technical crew as Maya camera moves, so it could then be imported into the Milo motion control rig. The Milo would then carry out these extremely accurate shots of Thierry Henry in situ, which could then be mixed with the original footage.

Sky Sports Time Traveller Commercial Milo from MrMoco Rentals on Vimeo.

Sky Sports Time Traveller Behind the Scenes from MrMoco Rentals on Vimeo.

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